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YouTube Has Arrived on the Apple Vision Pro

by William Linden
YouTube Has Arrived on the Apple Vision Pro

In recent discussions surrounding the expansive app ecosystem within the Apple Vision Pro, third-party developers have stepped up to address any gaps in the available applications. According to the latest insights from MacRumors, developer Christian Selig has introduced a dedicated YouTube app named Juno for YouTube for the Vision Pro. Notably, this stands as the sole YouTube client for the headset, given that Google has yet to release an official application.

Priced at $4.99, Juno for YouTube boasts a range of valuable features, including the ability to resize and reposition the playback window. Additionally, users can dim the surrounding area of the video, enhancing the virtual cinema theater experience within mixed reality.

As reported earlier, Google has explicitly stated that it currently has no plans to develop a YouTube app for the Vision Pro. Presently, the sole official method to access YouTube on the Apple headset is through the Safari browser.

Concerns regarding the availability of apps on the Vision Pro were somewhat alleviated upon the device’s release, with news surfacing that over 600 apps are in the pipeline for future availability, despite the current selection being relatively modest.

The entrance of Adobe into the realm of mixed reality with its Firefly AI app has already demonstrated the potential of creative applications within this space. Users can employ the Firefly AI app to generate images through artificial intelligence based on any text prompt, with the resulting visuals seamlessly integrated into the mixed reality environment.

However, some notable services, including Netflix and Spotify, along with Google, are yet to make their presence felt on the Vision Pro. While YouTube provides developers with a degree of access to its internal workings, Netflix and Spotify currently do not offer the same, making third-party clients for these platforms unlikely.

Undoubtedly, the limited number of Apple Vision Pro users has prompted developers to carefully consider their support for the hardware. Nevertheless, based on early experiences with the headset, it appears poised for rapid adoption and increased popularity in the near future.

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