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Xbox Games with Gold June Lineup Revealed

by William Linden

June’s Xbox Games with Gold lineup has recently been unveiled, showcasing the exciting free games that will be available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold subscribers. In the upcoming month, players will have the opportunity to download two games at no additional cost, including The Vale: Shadow of the Crown.

Microsoft is once again treating its loyal subscribers with a pair of complimentary games in June through the Games with Gold program. If you have a Game Pass Ultimate or an Xbox Live Gold subscription, mark your calendars for June 1 when Adios becomes available for download. Then, on June 16, you can delve into the immersive world of The Vale: Shadow of the Crown.

Starting off the month, Adios takes the spotlight—a cinematic first-person game that revolves around making a complex decision. Embark on a journey as a pig farmer in Kansas who decides to cease the use of their pigs for disposing bodies on behalf of the mob. Throughout the game, your friend—a hitman working for the mob—will spend the day attempting to persuade you to change your mind. The outcome of this intense interaction will have a lasting impact on your character’s future. Adios offers a relatively short completion time of approximately two hours, making it an accessible and rewarding experience for gamers seeking to boost their Gamerscore.

Xbox Games with Gold June 2023

  • Adios (June 1 to June 30)
  • The Vale: Shadow of the Crown (June 16 to July 15)

Then, on June 16, gamers can look forward to claiming The Vale: Shadow of the Crown. This unique audio-based action-adventure game immerses players in a story-driven medieval combat experience. Leveraging the power of 3D audio and haptic controller feedback, The Vale breaks down the barriers between the player and the character, offering a fresh and engaging gameplay experience. Developer Fallen Squirrel has designed the game to cater to both visually impaired and sighted gamers, with the goal of providing an inclusive and groundbreaking adventure. With an estimated playtime of approximately six hours, players can aim to achieve the full 1,000G in this visually stunning title.

As you eagerly anticipate the release of these free games in June, don’t forget to seize the remaining days of May to grab the current Games with Gold offerings. Additionally, if you’re seeking even more free titles to enjoy, be sure to check out our comprehensive list of the best free Xbox games available. Happy gaming!

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