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by ZeeshanN

Ahoy, potential contributors of wit and wisdom! Welcome to the geeky wonderland of FizX Entertainment, where quirkiness knows no bounds and facts are our secret sauce for entertainment. Before you embark on this whimsical journey with us, here are some guidelines, peppered with a dash of humor and fun facts:

  1. Category Confessions: Clearly declare the category your masterpiece belongs to. Is it a Top Ten List? A dive into the abyss of Dark Humor? Or perhaps a critique of cinematic gems?
  2. Sourcing Shenanigans: If you’re conjuring a Top Ten List, back it up with credible web sources for each item. We don’t want fiction masquerading as fact here. URLs are your golden tickets.
  3. Top Ten Commandments: Remember, a Top Ten list must have exactly 10 items, and numbers should descend like a rollercoaster. Oh, and don’t forget to introduce your list with a bang!
  4. Movie Magic and TV Teasers: For movie and TV reviews, ensure your sentences make sense. Proofread your work as if your grammar-loving grandma is watching.
  5. Picture Perfect: If you’re sending in pictures of your photography or cosplay escapades, share a bit about yourself. We’re curious creatures, and we’d love the source link to go with the visual feast.
  6. Alias Antics: If you’d rather not see your real name in bright lights, let us know your alias, but make it sound less like a spy and more like a friendly neighbor.
  7. Pitch-perfect: If doubt clouds your creative sky, send us a sneak peek, a teaser, or a snippet for our approval. We promise not to bite, unless it’s a vampire-themed article.
  8. Originality Overload: We have an allergy to content borrowed from other sites. Be original; let your creativity run wild like a caffeinated squirrel.
  9. Crazy is Cool: The crazier, the better! We embrace the odd, the bizarre, and the downright eccentric. If it’s weirder than a platypus, it’s right up our alley.
  10. Ingenious Infographics: We adore infographics and funny content for our HUMOR section. Include pictures and sources, and you might just hit the jackpot.
  11. Spelling Sorcery: Spellcheck is your trusty wand. Wave it, then wave it again. We want words that dance, not stumble.
  12. Terms and Tickles: Don’t skip the fine print, aka our Terms and Conditions. It’s the less exciting part, but it’s essential.

Now, the serious stuff:

Terms and Conditions (The Boring Yet Necessary Part):

  1. By offering up your content, you’re letting us publish it whenever and however we fancy. You also promise that you’re the genius behind it.
  2. These terms cover all sorts of publications, from the internet to good old-fashioned books and newspapers.
  3. You’re willingly handing over all the rights to your content to FizX Entertainment, but don’t worry, rejected content stays safely in your custody.
  4. We might sprinkle some editing magic on your text or author bio. Trust us; we’re wordsmith wizards.
  5. Only send us your creations if you’re cool with these terms and conditions.

Thank you for considering FizX Entertainment as your creative playground. We’re excited to see your wild and wacky ideas come to life. Reach us at [email protected].

And remember, the geekier, the better!

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