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by ZeeshanN

We appreciate and encourage all our readers to write and submit their own content to us.

We love Top Ten Lists, Dark Humor or reviews of Movies or TV Shows or any other Interesting writings about any of the subjects we have on the Site.

1) Clearly, state in which category your material should be published.

2) If you are sending in a TOP TEN List you should send in at least one source (from the web) for each item on your list so we can verify that what you say is true. Just include the URLs in your submission.

3) A Top Ten list means it has to have 10 items and descending numbers. Plus, don’t forget to make an introduction to the list!

4) Movie and TV reviews should follow Clarity: sentences should make sense, please proof and then proof again.

5) If you are sending in Pictures for Photography or your Cosplay’s please give some information about you to go with the post and your source link to be published.

6) If you don’t want your name to be published or you want to use an Alias please specify in your Email, Alias should be sounding like real First and Last name.

7) If you are doubts about whether we will like your content, feel free to share the idea or send us one or two paragraphs for approval first. You can email your pitch to [email protected].

8) Be original, we don’t publish content from other sites.

9) Be crazy; the more bizarre and odd the content is, the better.

10) If you are sending Infographics (We love infographics) or any other Funny content for the HUMOR Section, Pictures and Sources should be included.

11) Spell check and then spell check again.

12) Read Terms And Conditions Below.

We’ll give full credit and a link to your own site or blog if you have one.

We will supply any graphics that would be needed, so you only need to write the Content, If you have graphics or YouTube video links that be appreciated too and you have more chances to be published.

For any other information use the Contact Form.

You can Email us directly and attach your Content. [email protected].


Terms and Conditions :

1. By submitting this Content, you agree that if it is published by FizX Entertainment and FizX Entertainment has the full right to publish this Content when and if he sees fit, and you agree that you are the author of this list.

2. These terms include all rights of publication on the Internet or any other form of media including but not exclusively books, magazines, and newspapers.

3. You agree that you voluntarily transfer all rights relating to the content to FizX Entertainment. Rejected Content remains your property.

4. We will edit the text or author bio as see fit.

5. Send us your content if you agree to the terms.
Thank you.

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