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What’s New in watchOS 9.2 Release Candidate

by William Linden

Apple released watchOS 9.2 Release Candidate, which is basically the final beta version of watchOS 9.2.

They also released iOS 16.2 Release Candidate, macOS Ventura 13.1 Release Candidate, and iPadOS 16.2 Release Candidate.

Now we get to find out what is new in the watchOS 9.2 Release Candidate in a new video from Zollotech, yesterday we got to look at the iOS 16.2 Release Candidate.


The features include some new features related to fitness tracking on the Apple Watch, there is a new Race Route workout which is designed for runners and cyclists. The feature can be used to compete against yourself and your previous workouts. There are also some updates for the Home app on the Apple Watch and more.

As this is the Release Candidate, the next version is expected to be the final version of watch OS 9.2 and this is expected to be released sometime next week.

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