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WANDERFUL Announcement Teaser Trailer is Here

by William Linden

Developer Tiny Roar and Publisher Daedalic Entertainment have teamed up to create Wanderful, a comfortable, zany, cute building and quest game where you place tiles to expand your world along with little adventures and big wonders for your characters to uncover.

Wanderful is a game Tiny Roar has made in order to investigate new ways to tell stories through game mechanics. A perfect game for winding down and casual play, Wanderful will concentrate on the player uncovering secrets as they gaze at the beautiful landscape in sessions that last 5 to 30 minutes. Players can build a memorable story at their own pace, play strategically, and creatively, slow down, or race through the game to beat previous high scores.

So far there are numerous other main features that have been announced for Wanderful. There will be numerous unlockable biomes that will make every game different and add a bunch of variations to the game. In addition, the soundtrack will be influenced by the tiles that you place. Lastly, there will be a flexible camera system to make the view of the game satisfying.

Wanderful will be coming out on to Steam Early Access sometime soon; stay tuned to Daedalic’s Twitter and Facebook for more details and release date.

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