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VR Adventure Maskmaker Released on PlayStation and PC

by ZeeshanN

Balthazar Auxietre Co-Founder and Creative Director of games development company Innerspace, has unveiled on the PlayStation blog reveal more details about the launch of the new PlayStation adventure game Maskmaker which has today launched. Maskmaker VR will be released on April 20th, 2021 and it will be available on PSVR, Valve, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift.

“With Maskmaker, we wanted to challenge ourselves and expand beyond the little world we had created in our previous game, and get away from the linear structure of storytelling. We also wanted to create a longer experience – which was the most critical feedback we heard with A Fisherman’s Tale. So we started thinking about how we could achieve that and create this rich adventure that takes place in a more open ended world. Maskmaker is definitely our biggest game to date, and it’s certainly not an easy task, especially for a VR game.”

“In Maskmaker, the core gameplay lies in crafting the masks that you’ll then use to travel within the mask realm. So it was really important for us to create an experience that helps players feel like they really are crafting the masks themselves in the game. The designs of the mask start off pretty simple in the beginning, but as players progress, they’ll really need to get creative and find the proper materials and blueprints in order to unlock more areas of the mask realm. With the magic of VR, we’re able to mimic these real movements – sculpting the masks using the chisel, painting with brushes and more – and make them really precise to create some of the more intricate designs of each mask to make them feel like they are experienced craftsmen-women!”

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