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VIZIO Partnered With Square Enix To Be The Official HDTV For Marvel’s Avengers!

by ZeeshanN

TV and Sound Bar company VIZIO has just been announced to be the official HDTV and Sound Bar company for Square Enix’s upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game! VIZIO’s 2021 line of 4K TVs (available now) has been developed from the ground up to put gamers first with a slew of exceptional features including the new 1 GHz IQ Active/IQ Ultra processors and ProGaming Engine.

“Today’s gamers want to enhance their playing experience. When they combine a NEW VIZIO 4K TV and NEW 5.1 sound bar they increase their ability to WIN and raise their gaming position. We have created an entirely new lineup of 4K TVs with a dedicated gaming engine & immersive 5.1 sound bars that offer a best-in-class gaming experience. We’re excited to be the official HDTV and Sound Bar partner for the new Marvel’s Avengers game and to give gamers every advantage as they play the highly anticipated game upon its release.”

— Bill Baxter, Chief Technology Officer at VIZIO

One of the largest drag about playing games on an HDTV over the last several years has been input latency. TVs do a ton of processing to their images to give the best picture but this has always come at the expense of games. Optional game modes have been available for quite a while now but I am really surprised by how few people actually use them. With Vizio’s new range of HDTV’s, the whole process will be streamlined and automated. If the TV detects the signal from and Xbox or PlayStation game mode will automatically be engaged which gives in a response time of 8ms down to 1ms depending on the model of the TV you choose.

Regardless of which model you pick from the 2021 line-up, you will be satisfied with next-level features like HDMI 2.1, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision support (peak brightness up to 3000 nits). Dolby Atmos is also supported to give an immersive audio experience. Models from the M-Series up to VIZIO’s premium OLED displays feature Variable Refresh Rates and support Frame Rates up to 120 FPS for smoother on selected models! If you intend to upgrade to PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X know these models are future proof and comes with all the latest functions and features. When paired with one of VIZIO’s new Elevate Sound Bars, which give 4 rotating elevation speakers, you are in for a unique gaming experience for the awesome price!

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