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Visualizing the Evolution: A Visual Guide to the Size Differences Between PS5 Slim and Launch Models

by ZeeshanN

In the ever-evolving realm of gaming consoles, anticipation soared when a Reddit user took it upon themselves to bring unofficial renders of the speculated PS5 Slim and its launch model into the limelight. The virtual stage was set for a visual showdown, revealing the size comparison that had the gaming community buzzing with excitement. Despite Sony’s provision of dimensions for the revamped model, a veil of mystery lingered as no official photos accompanied the release, leaving players to wonder about the extent of the impending transformation.

The PS5 Slim, a moniker that initially drew skepticism from insiders, emerged from the shadows as the renders showcased a seemingly diminutive stature compared to its predecessor. Questions arose about the legitimacy of the “slim” label, given the initial intel suggesting a subtle divergence in size. The narrative shifted when Reddit user NatureCertain stepped into the scene, presenting a visual narrative that illuminated the true scale of the Slim version. The spotlight now belonged to the renders, offering enthusiasts a tangible glimpse into the potential evolution of their gaming setup.

The revelation was as clear as the images themselves—PS5 Slim looked considerably smaller than the collective assumptions had led on. Sony, perhaps aware of the speculative storm brewing, disclosed the dimensions for the disc version at 358 × 96 × 216 mm and for the digital version at 358 × 80 × 216 mm, excluding projecting parts. The numbers echoed a tale of reduction, with Sony proudly stating that the PS5 had undergone a metamorphosis, shedding over 30% of its volume and boasting weight reductions of 18% and 24%.

Yet, amidst the buzz, a looming question lingered—was the Slim an upgrade in more than just size? Scrutinizing the specs alone, the verdict leaned towards a negative. Whispers in the gaming corridors hinted at a different narrative, suggesting that a proper upgrade might be on the horizon in the form of a PS5 Pro. The gaming community held its breath, awaiting the next chapter in the unfolding saga of PlayStation evolution.

PS5 slim 3D model and PS5 fat 3d model size comparison
byu/NatureCertain inplaystation

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