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Vermintide 2 Unveils its Long-Awaited Pet Class – The Necromancer

Fatshark continues to make good on its promise to support Vermintide 2 after Darktide's launch.

by ZeeshanN

Fatshark’s commitment to supporting Vermintide 2 post-Darktide launch has borne fruit, with continuous updates like free levels and remastered classics. The latest gem in the crown is Sienna’s fourth career—enter the necromancer.

Unlike her comrades who received DLC careers earlier, Sienna’s waited patiently for her turn. Design director Joakim Setterberg shed light on this, noting the complexity of the Necromancer. Sienna’s career skill, Raise Dead, introduces skeletal minions, essentially a friendly faction with behaviors mimicking Vermintide’s enemies. Balancing their presence and player positioning while avoiding excessive noise or obtrusiveness presented a significant challenge, demanding meticulous bug fixing.

Setterberg teased future possibilities, hinting at the tech groundwork for enemies battling enemies. While Necromancer will initially stand alone, Setterberg promised more delights based on player feedback.

Necromancer Sienna’s toolkit includes Raise Dead and Malediction of Nagash. The former summons skeletal allies, while the latter infuses her fire attacks with eerie energy, causing 20% more damage to targets. Her perks—Mistress of Death, Lifetaker, and Cold Flames—add depth, offering control over skeletons, crit bonuses, and extended damage-over-time effects. New weapons like the Soulstealer Staff and Ensorcelled Reaper enhance her arsenal.

The spotlight, however, falls on the minions, reshaping Vermintide 2 with a summon-focused class. The Necromancer DLC drops on October 19, and Fatshark assures players that more content is in the pipeline, dispelling any notion of this being Vermintide 2’s final DLC.

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