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USPS James Webb Space Telescope Stamps Release Date Revealed

by William Linden
USPS James Webb Space Telescope Stamp

James Webb Space Telescope can deliver images of distant planets and galaxies. Now check out the well-known telescope in your letters. The US Postal Service is launching a JWST stamp that will be available to pre-order starting August 28th in sheets of 20. It’s a digital depiction of the telescope against a galactic backdrop. So if you are a fan of the space telescope, this may be all you need to exhibit your nerdy interest when you send a letter or parcel to a friend.

The USPS didn’t talk about the cost of the stamp. As a Forever stamp, however, the JWST print will always be worth the First-Class Mail one-ounce price. You won’t have to worry about using extra stamps years down the road. That is always a great thing. Forever 20-stamp sheets usually cost $12, so that may be the price.

It is a good way to celebrate the bleeding edge of astronomy tech, even if it is by using mail stickers that are a very old invention. They will definitely add a personal touch to your mail so that everyone will know you love space and high-tech telescopes.

Source: Engadget

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