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Turok 3 Remastered Cheats

by ZeeshanN

Let’s dive into the world of Turok 3 Remastered cheats and unlockables across various platforms. Whether you’re exploring the prehistoric landscapes on your Switch, PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, or Xbox One, we’ve got you covered with tips and codes to enhance your gaming experience.

Turok 3 Remastered Cheats and Unlockables:

  1. Infinite Ammo:
    • Enter code “ARROWSOFAPOLLO” to equip yourself with an endless supply of ammunition, ensuring you never run out of firepower in the heat of battle.
  2. Invincibility Mode:
    • Gain an edge over your foes by activating invincibility with the code “TOUGHASLEATHER.” No need to fear the dangers lurking in the shadows; you’re untouchable.
  3. Unlock All Weapons:
    • Speed up your arsenal acquisition by entering “GIMMELICENSE” and enjoy the satisfaction of wielding every weapon at your disposal right from the start.
  4. Enhanced Vision:
    • See through the darkest corners of the game with enhanced vision. Type in “EAGLEEYE” to activate this cheat and gain a visual advantage over your adversaries.
  5. Big Head Mode:
    • Inject a bit of humor into the intense battles with “EGOTRIP.” Activate Big Head Mode and watch as characters sport comically oversized heads, adding a lighthearted touch to the action.
  6. Unlock All Levels:
    • Skip ahead to the most challenging environments by using the code “PORTALREVELATION.” Uncover the mysteries of each level without the need for incremental progression.

Remember, cheat codes can add a fun twist to your gaming experience, but use them wisely to maintain the balance of challenge and enjoyment. Now, armed with these codes, go forth and conquer the prehistoric world of Turok 3 Remastered in style on your chosen gaming platform!


Turok 3 Remastered Cheat Codes

Where To Enter Cheat Codes: On the Main Menu screen select “Secret”, then select “Enter New Secret”, and then input the below listed cheat code. To activate multiple cheat codes at the same time, simply select the “Enter New Secret” again after entering a cheat.

Effect Cheat Code
All Keys Lizard, Dragonfly, Bull, Bear, Wolf, Eagle
All Weapons Owl, Bear, Owl, Insect, Hawk, Owl
Big Hands and Feet Mode Lizard, Lizard, Dragonfly, Horse, Lizard, Coyote
Big Head Mode Cougar, Wolf, Snake, Rabbit, Lizard, Coyote
Deathmatch Mannequins Snake, Bull, Snake, Frog, Bear, Elk
Gasp Mode Dragonfly, Bull, Rabbit, Salmon, Eagle, Raven
Gouraud Mode Lizard. Fish. Insect. Fish. Wolf. Dragonfly
Invincibility Raven, Salmon, Eagle, Bear, Lizard, Rabbit
Invincibility / All Keys / Infinite Ammo / All Weapons Elk, Lizard, Dragonfly, Lizard, Hawk, Owl
??? (Part of Big Cheat, enter after above cheat) Horse, Bull, Wolf, Raven, Eagle, Rabbit
Headless Enemies Lizard, Elk, Eagle, Owl, Fish, Horse
Pen and Ink Mode Cougar, Horse, Elk, Salmon, Cougar, Hawk
Clean Pause Screen Rabbit, Owl, Lizard, Elk, Fish, Rabbit
Secret Menus Rabbit, Owl, Horse, Bug, Bear, Bear
Short Characters Frog, Frog, Salmon, Insect, Wolf, Cougar
Skinny Enemys Horse, Eagle, Snake, Cougar, Insect, Salmon
Unlimited Ammo Salmon, Elk, Bull, Snake, Eagle, Salmon
View Credits Elk, Elk, Elk, Elk, Elk, Elk
Warp to Level 1 Frog, Elk, Horse, Dragonfly, Wolf, Rabbit
Warp to Level 2 Owl, Owl, Horse, Elk, Elk, Elk
Warp to Level 3 Owl, Rabbit, Bear, Insect, Frog, Cougar
Warp to Level 4 Bear, Horse, Raven, Eagle, Horse, Coyote
Warp to Level 5 Bear, Dragonfly, Horse, Bear, Frog, Elk

Note: Make sure to download the ‘day one patch’ update on November 30, 2023. This will add the missing Invincibility cheat and two other cheats.


Turok 3 Remastered How To Unlock Joshua Mode

Turok 3 Remastered’s Joshua Mode can be accessed through a strategic gameplay move. To unlock this exciting mode, venture into the realm of Joseph and Danielle’s quest, ensuring that both their stories unfold within the confines of the same game note, or save file. Picture it as a narrative dance, with each character taking their turn in the spotlight. Once this synchronized storytelling is achieved, the gateway to Joshua Mode swings open.

As you embark on this unlocking journey, remember that it involves completing the game with one character and then seamlessly transitioning to the next. Imagine it as a relay race of heroic proportions. Finish the first leg with Joseph or Danielle, then seamlessly pass the baton to the other character, initiating a fresh tale within the Turok universe. Don’t forget to etch this new chapter into the annals of your game note by saving the progress.

Now, the Bonus Feature of Joshua Mode truly cranks up the excitement. Once you’ve successfully breached the gates of Joshua Mode, wielding him in the game allows for a unique advantage. Joshua, instead of being confined to a single upgrade per weapon, gets to indulge in the best of both worlds. It’s a symphony of firepower, a ballet of destruction where each weapon boasts a dual upgrade, unleashing unparalleled mayhem upon your virtual foes.

A word of caution, though—these game-altering maneuvers are exclusive to the realms of Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch, PS4, PS5, and PC. Consider them your secret arsenal for conquering Turok 3 Remastered. And if you find yourself in need of more clandestine wisdom or a guiding hand through the gaming labyrinth, our arsenal includes not only cheats but also secret unlockables and a treasure trove of Turok 3 Remastered guides. Dive in, and may your journey through the pixelated wilderness be filled with triumphs and epic adventures!

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