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Toadi The Awesome Autonomous A.I. Robot Lawnmower

by ZeeshanN
Robot Lawnmower

Toadie is a new robot lawnmower that needs no perimeter cable or incorrect GPS and is capable of discovering its way using on-board technology. If the ground is all flat Toadie can mow up to a football field in the area say its developers and you can change its mowing height by substituting the mowing disc in just 5 minutes. “Within a highly complex landscape, Toadi needs to travel more and uses more energy. Still, a more challenging landscape can be maintained up to 1.2 acres. ”

Toadi has raised over $1.4 million with over 600 backers with still 25 days left. Early bird pledges are available from €2000 or roughly £1800 and worldwide shipping will start during November 2020.

Toadie robot lawnmower

“Docking is done autonomously. Toadi will know when it’s time to dock and is able to recognize her station. She will go there when in need of power, ready to go to sleep or when she’s finished mowing. Since there is no perimeter cable you can place Toadi on your terrace or grass or wherever you want! Toys, furniture or even a shoe are often left lying in your garden. It happens, we know. That’s why Toadi won’t drive over them and chop them up. She’ll recognize these ‘unnatural’ objects and drive around them instead.”

“Toadi is our favorite lawn robot. Equipped with a 4K camera and A.I. she navigates autonomously, while avoiding objects and animals, this is now second nature to her (she loves hedgehogs). Toadi is your lawn’s new companion. We have been Alpha testing Toadi in 150 different yards in 2019 and added 500 more Beta versions in 2020. If this Kickstarter campaign is successful, it will allow us to go from the Beta version to the first production version.”

Via: Kickstarter

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