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This Incredible New iOS 16 Feature Will ‘blow your mind’

by William Linden

Now iOS 16 is out of beta and available to most iPhone users. Those getting their hands on it for the first time with the iPhone 14 or with older compatible devices are getting to grips with its new features including lock screen customization, new-look notifications, and editable iMessage messages.

But one impressive new feature is blowing people’s minds, thanks to a viral TikTok video showing exactly how easy it is to crop objects from photos instantly. At the time of writing, it’s closing in on 500,000 likes.

In the video, an adorable-looking dog is instantly cropped from a photo, before being pasted into iMessages without any background clutter. It really is remarkable, even if it was something Apple originally revealed back in July.

@frankmcshan Removing backgrounds in #iOS16 ♬ Put Your Head On My Shoulder – Giulia Di Nicolantonio

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