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THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Game Trailer Revealed Amazing Recreated Film Locations

by ZeeshanN

Gun Interactive has released a new trailer for the upcoming The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game, which is based on the classic Tobe Hooper-directed 1974 movie and the developers of the game are recreating the locations of that movie.

This new trailer shows off the amazing amount of detail that they put into this game to make sure that absolutely captures the disturbing locations of the movie. As you’ll see, the creative team did an extremely impressive job.

Wes Keltner, CEO and Audio Director at Gun Interactive, told Bloody-Disgusting: “We say it a lot here at Gun. Authenticity is incredibly important to us. That’s probably the more press-friendly way of saying, we’re obsessive. We studied the exact cameras Hooper used as well as the lens, the LUT’s and color corrections that occurred in post. We’re also lucky that we get to work directly with Kim Henkel, so we can really peel apart the DNA of this film and bring it to life the best way we can. This is what we’re passionate about because we’re fans, just like you.”

It was announced that Kane Hodder will be reprising his role as Leatherface in the game. Hodder previously did motion-capture work for Jason Voorhees for the Friday the 13th game, which Gun Interactive also created.

The game will come with the demented characters from the movies as well as new family members, and the events of the video game take place before Tobe Hooper’s movie. The story follows “a group of five young adults led by Ana Flores set out to search for her missing sister. What they found was terror beyond their wildest nightmares.”

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