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THE NUN 2 Promo Video Focuses on The Tie That Hold THE CONJURING Universe Together

by William Linden

Warner Bros. has recently unveiled an enticing promotional video for “The Nun 2,” which not only delves into the upcoming sequel but also celebrates a decade of The Conjuring universe, highlighting the intricate thread that connects all the films within this chilling cinematic universe.

In this video, we get an insider’s perspective as the cast and crew share their insights and experiences. Notably, producer James Wan discusses his ambition to weave “The Nun” narrative back into The Conjuring fold, promising a more interconnected and engaging storyline.

The stage is set for “The Nun 2” in 1956, with France as its eerie backdrop. The plot revolves around a sinister murder involving a priest and the ominous spread of evil. Sister Irene, reprised by Taissa Farmiga, is once again thrust into a nightmarish confrontation with Valak, the malevolent demon nun.

This time around, a series of gruesome murders plague the Vatican, leading the church to suspect Valak’s malevolent presence. Desperate for assistance, they call upon Sister Irene, who had been seeking a peaceful life in an Italian convent. Unfortunately, tranquility eludes her as Valak now possesses her dear friend, Maurice, portrayed by Jonas Bloquet.

Director Michael Chaves sheds light on Irene’s character development, explaining that she has endured a traumatic journey and now aspires to lead a life of service. Maurice, on the other hand, has settled in France, working as a handyman at a boarding school. However, beneath the surface, there’s a sinister secret tied to Valak’s escape within him, setting the stage for a gripping collision between Irene and her old friend.

“The Nun 2” boasts a talented cast, including Storm Reid (known for “The Last of Us”), Anna Popplewell (“The Chronicles of Narnia”), and Bonnie Aarons, who reprises her haunting role as the terrifying Nun.

Mark your calendars, as “The Nun 2” is scheduled to haunt theaters on September 8th, promising another spine-tingling chapter in The Conjuring universe.

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