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The mClassic Will Improve Your Game Consoles Graphics

by ZeeshanN

The main idea why people cling to the idea of “PC Master Race” is the mere fact that you can trade out your graphics card in your computer to get newer and powerful graphics in your beloved game. Well, Marseille wants to change and pump the things up a bit. In the past, they’ve released special HDMI cables that enhance the picture of your gaming consoles and Blu-ray players, and now they have a new gadget and it is called mClassic.

The mClassic is a small HDMI dongle that you can put into your gaming console and then use a normal HDMI cable to go from the mClassic to your TV. This will upscale your graphics quality up to 4K with 120 FPS. If you’re concerned about latency, don’t be. The mClassic claims less than 1ms of added latency. It is super awesome.

This is all amazing, and the images on their website to look perfect. I just wonder how you’re supposed to use this with retro consoles that don’t have an HDMI port. Do I need to get an adapter for those? Marseille is planning on running a Kickstarter for the mClassic which will let you buy the accessory for $79 instead of $99, which is a very sweet deal. You can sign up for updates on the Kickstarter here or simply go to the mClassic website to know more.

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