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The Day Before – Remarkable10 Minutes of Gameplay Video is Here

by ZeeshanN
The Day Before

The studio revealed the upcoming game with a trailer a few months back and that announcement trailer features five minutes of in-game footage, showcasing the game’s third-person shooter gameplay, with stealth, crafting, and inventory mechanics. Check it out below.

The Day Before is set in a world with a global pandemic where a zombie-like enemy called The Infected wreak havoc on what’s left of the human race. Players will have to be on the edge of their seats as they explore cities to scavenge for survival items, such as bandages and weapons.

Gamers will run into other groups of hostile humans, as well as huge numbers of The Infected, incorporating both PvP and PvE elements. The clip of the game also highlights the game’s HUD, which features three small gauges for temperature, energy and thirst. Players will have to look out for them and maintain all three gauges entireity of the game to survive.

The Steam page also said the game’s minimum and recommended requirements for PC. The game will be needing the 75GB of available storage space for download, although it is at this time unclear if the information listed are just placeholder details.

And now IGN released an awesome 10 minutes of the gameplay footage of the game, it looks engaging, horrifying and fun at the same time, gameplay looks absolutely fun and I cant wait to play it on the PC, it will come on consoles but not much is known about it at this time.

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