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THE CALLISTO PROTOCOL Gets New Riot Mode In Latest Update

by William Linden

Striking Distance Studios and KRAFTON have been consistently providing updates for The Callisto Protocol since its initial release in December 2022. Despite a somewhat rocky start, the game has received predominantly positive reviews, and the developers are dedicated to breathing new life into it. Their latest update, the third for the game’s season pass, introduces the highly anticipated Riot Mode, featuring eleven new enemy death animations and The Prospector Skin Collection.

In this thrilling mode, players assume the role of Jacob Lee, who finds himself confined to an isolated corner of the prison. Within three rooms and connecting hallways, numerous loot crates await, filled with essential supplies such as health gel packs, health injectors, GRP batteries, and ammunition. Equipped with a stun baton, GRP, a hand cannon, and a riot gun from the start, Jacob must fend off relentless waves of biophage enemies, each varying in strength and composition. As time progresses, surviving becomes increasingly challenging, with the appearance of more vicious foes like the formidable Two-Head.

One of Riot Mode’s unique features is Rampage Mode, a gameplay modifier that players can activate by scoring points and filling up a meter. Once triggered, Rampage Mode grants a brief period of infinite ammo and GRP charges, allowing enemies to be dispatched with a single blow. To gauge performance, players are evaluated using a scoring system that rewards points for kills based on the weapon utilized, limbs severed from enemies, and the types of adversaries defeated. At the conclusion of each Riot Mode run, players receive a final score, which they can compare with other players. Additionally, succeeding in Riot Mode grants medals based on survival duration and the number of earned points.

The Callisto Protocol, along with the new Riot Mode, is currently available on various platforms, including PC (via Steam and Epic Games), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Players who do not possess the season pass can still acquire the Riot Bundle separately to enjoy the new mode and its accompanying content.

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