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The 10 Coolest Things We’ve Found on Starfield So Far

by William Linden

Starfield” is a sprawling RPG that seems almost endless, brimming with a galaxy’s worth of planets to explore, enemy camps to raid, colossal spaceships to commandeer, and mystical powers to uncover and master. It’s an immersive universe that offers players an abundance of adventures, and sprinkled throughout are intriguing references and missions that add depth to the cosmic journey.

As we venture deeper into our first New Game Plus playthrough, the universe of “Starfield” continues to unfurl, promising even more discoveries. But at this juncture, we’ve decided it’s the perfect moment to compile a list of the ten most extraordinary encounters and experiences we’ve had so far on our interstellar odyssey. As fellow explorers, we’re also eager to hear about the incredible things you’ve encountered during your travels among the stars. After you’ve perused our list, please share your own recommendations in the comments below. Together, we’ll uncover the wonders of this vast and captivating universe.


In the vast expanse of the Starfield universe, players have discovered some truly remarkable hidden gems and Easter eggs that pay homage to real-world achievements, iconic landmarks, and beloved pop culture references. These discoveries add depth and richness to the game’s immersive experience. Here are the 10 coolest things players have found so far:

  1. The Apollo Landing Site: In a touching tribute to the Apollo 11 lunar mission, players can visit the historic Apollo Landing Site in Starfield. To access this location, you must first find the book “Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal” in Khatri’s room upstairs at The Lodge. Reading the book will add the site’s location to your Moon map.
  2. London/The Shard: Journey from the Moon to London by locating and reading a copy of “Oliver Twist” in your inventory. This iconic city’s location will then appear on your Moon map. You can find a guaranteed copy of the book at Sinclair’s Books in Akila City.
  3. The Mars Opportunity Rover: Paying homage to humanity’s exploration of Mars, players can discover the Mars Opportunity Rover via a late-game quest that provides its coordinates. To mark your route to the Rover on Mars, interact with the Mars Rover exhibit in the NASA museum during a main campaign quest.
  4. The Mantis Quest: This side mission stands out as one of the highlights of the game. Not only does it offer a thrilling superhero story, but players also receive enticing rewards, including a spaceship and impressive armor. Make sure not to overlook this quest, as it becomes available early in the game.
  5. Ulfric Stormcloak Returns: While it’s not the actual character of Ulfric Stormcloak from Skyrim, players will recognize the voice actor in the form of Evgeny Rokov within the Crimson Fleet factions questline. Keep an ear out for that distinctive gruff line delivery.
  6. Plushies: For those who adore soft toys, Starfield hides numerous adorable plushies throughout its world for you to collect. These plushies even emit a charming noise when you first pick them up. Create your own cozy collection in the cockpit of your spaceship.
  7. The Pyramids of Giza: Explore real-world wonders like the Pyramids of Giza by reading the book “The Ancient Civilization of Egypt,” which adds this location to your map. Just like Oliver Twist, you can find this book at the Akila bookstore.
  8. The Empire State Building: Another iconic real-world location, the Empire State Building, awaits exploration. Read “Our Lost Heritage” to have this New York landmark added to your map. You can find the book at MAST HQ in the President’s Office.
  9. Tribute To John Williams: The legendary composer John Williams, known for scoring classics like Star Wars and E.T., gets a nod in Starfield. Look out for posters advertising the Sol Symphony Orchestra, with the conductor named William Johns. This is just one of the game’s references to a particular movie franchise; see if you can spot the others!
  10. Alex Hay’s Note: As you enter The Eye space station, you’ll encounter a heartfelt note from Alex Hay on a table to the right side of the entrance. Alex, a devoted Bethesda fan, tragically passed away from lung cancer at the age of 35. His touching tribute within the game immortalizes his love for the developers and their games.


These hidden treasures and references add depth and nostalgia to the Starfield experience, making it a truly immersive and memorable journey through the cosmos.

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