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That’s Why So Many People Trying To #CancelNetflix On Christmas

by ZeeshanN
The First Temptation of Christ.

Many people spent the holiday season roasting meat or binging Season 2 of Lost in Space, many people took to Twitter to protest Netflix over a Brazilian satire called The First Temptation of Christ. The comedy special comes with a depiction of gay Jesus and a weed-smoking Mary, so many people used up their Christmas time trying to #CancelNetflix.

The First Temptation of Christ, from the Brazil-based YouTube comedy group Porta dos Fundos, has received a lot of backlashes since it aired on Netflix on December 3rd. Over 2 million people have already signed the petition to have the 46-minute long satire removed from the streaming service for “seriously offending Christians.” The petition is asking for 3 million signatures.

The comedy special — which portrayed a gay Jesus bringing home a guy named Orlando to his family, only to hide him from the guests at his surprise birthday party — The show is still available on Netflix. Still offended, outraged subscribers took to Twitter to protest, calling for all to cancel Netflix over what they considered to be a show of obvious disrespect of Christianity. Thus, #CancelNetflix (and #CanceloNetflix) started trending and becoming mainstream.

While many on Twitter had no idea why some were calling to cancel Netflix, one pissed off user tweeted that there is basically no morally gray area and that The First Temptation of Christ is very offensive.

Things took serious after it was reported that the Rio de Janeiro headquarters of Porta dos Fundos was attacked on December 24. Two petrol bombs were launched at the building, setting it on fire. However, no one was hurt in the event, though it did compromise the staff working there. Authorities are examining the incident.


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