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Team Liquid Continues to Struggle on One CS:GO Map

by William Linden

Why Does Team Liquid Struggle on Vertigo?

It is normal for pro CS:GO teams to go through losing streaks on particular maps and many teams have maps that they naturally perform well on. However, Team Liquid’s record on Vertigo is unheard of. The 5th ranked team in the entire world has lost 6 of their last 7 matches on Vertigo. You can bet on Team Liquid to lose their next match on Vertigo at GGBet!

2 months elapsed between Team Liquid’s latest wins on Vertigo. They narrowly defeated MoviStar Riders in September and then again just beat G2 in November. They have suffered defeat after defeat and it is almost a given they will always lose on Vertigo. Team Liquid continues to make terrible strategic decisions on Vertigo and they need to radically change their approach to the map if they want to win.

Team Liquid has completely folded on Vertigo in some massive matches. For example in the ESL Pro League finals against Vitality on Oct. 2.  Then at the IEM Rio Major Heroic totally destroyed them on Vertigo and sent the North American squad to the losers’ bracket.

Incredibly by the timeб Team Liquid took on Team Spirit at the IEM Rio Major they had already lost 4 matches in a row on Vertigo. So it was no surprise that Team Spirit crushed their hopes and booted them out of the tournament with a 16-10 win on Vertigo.

By some sort of miracleб Team Liquid managed to get into winning form and secured a great victory on Vertigo against G2 in the Blast Premier Fall Final. Unfortunately Liquid then took on Heroic again in the semifinals of the Fall Final. Heroic absolutely crushed them on Vertigo and racked up double-digit rounds, kicking them out of the tournament.

Bizarrely, despite Team Liquid’s terrible record on Vertigo they keep banning Nuke and Ancient. The result is Vertigo regularly becomes the deciding map in the best of 3 match series. They need to stop banning Vertigo if they want to successfully defeat the top teams in the world. It is time they widened their map pool so they can more effectively keep up with other squads. At the moment they do not have the skill to compete with Vertigo.

Team Liquid has a very strong squad and they are clearly a top 5 CS:GO team. Unfortunately, when it comes down to big tournament series deep in the playoffs they fold when playing Vertigo. Other teams are exploiting their limited map pool and exposing their weakness on Vertigo.

At the moment Team Liquid can not handle the T-side on Vertigo which is notoriously difficult. The fact they keep starting there is resulting in massive blowout losses. The North American team really needs to rethink its map-banning strategy, otherwise, they will continue to be stuck in win-or-go-home situations on a map where they are clearly outclassed by the other top CS:GO squads.

Team Liquid needs to improve its ability on maps like Nuke and Ancient so it doesn’t have to automatically ban them. At the moment they have a 25% win rate on Vertigo and this one map has literally cost them millions in prize money. We are sure that Team Liquid is working on a strategy as we speak and will quickly solve their Vertigo map dilemma! Stream the next time Team Liquid plays Vertigo at http://gg.bet/en/counter-strike to find out if they have a new strategy for the T-side!

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