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Start Claiming Free LIVING WORLD Episodes for GUILD WARS 2 Now

by ZeeshanN

ArenaNet has started celebrating summer by giving Guild Wars 2 players a chance to get Living World Season 2 for free. Every week, players who log in will be able to get two episodes of the story with the first two, “Gates of Maguuma” and “Entanglement” available until June 1. This isn’t just an excellent deal for those who haven’t played these missions yet though. The re-release of the episodes will come with new achievements. If you fulfill all of the new achievements you’ll get a voucher for a Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons precursor weapon. This will get you begun crafting a 3rd generation legendary weapon when the new expansion released later this year.

  • Gates of Maguuma

A mysterious presence emerges in Brisban Wildlands. A Zephyrite airship plummets in a sudden, tragic catastrophe. Trace the clues to learn how it all went down—and stop a killer from claiming one final victim.

  • Entanglement

Scarlet Briar’s enemies never got into her head, but something else did, and her plans for it are still in motion. Search for hidden paths beneath Prosperity’s remains and follow Scarlet’s tormented logic to its unstoppable conclusion.

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