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Starfield’s File Size Has Been Revealed

Ahead of its widely anticipated end-of-summer release, the file size for the upcoming Microsoft exclusive Starfield is officially public knowledge.

by William Linden

The highly anticipated video game Starfield, an ambitious sci-fi action RPG with a decade-long development history, is generating immense excitement as its launch day approaches. Developed by Bethesda, this single-player game marks their first original IP in 25 years and follows the success of Fallout 4, released back in 2015. To build anticipation, Bethesda has gone all out with promotional efforts, including special controllers and early access opportunities for select players just days before the official release. While gameplay details have been steadily revealed, the latest announcement focuses on the technical aspect of the game.

According to the official Xbox site, Starfield will require a hefty 125GB of storage space. This substantial file size amounts to over a fifth of the available storage on the smaller, more affordable Xbox Series S console. Considering that most players likely have other large games installed, managing available storage could become a challenge. Although it is slightly less demanding than some other modern AAA titles, players may want to consider archiving software or investing in a 1-2TB memory card to expand their storage capacity.

Additionally, Starfield has made preloading available, a common practice in the gaming industry today. This feature allows eager fans to download the game ahead of time, ensuring they can dive into the experience immediately upon release. However, the level of anticipation surrounding Starfield has reached such heights that other software releases have deliberately been delayed to avoid competing with it. While preloading provides convenience, the aforementioned storage requirement could present complications for some players.

Nevertheless, no amount of storage requirements can dampen the immense hype surrounding Starfield’s impending release. The game has been marketed to perfection, with plans for future DLC already in place. Even before its public launch, dedicated modders have pledged to work their magic, further enhancing the game’s potential. For players concerned about storage limitations, there are fortunately some workarounds available, including opting for the physical disc version on the Xbox Series X console.

Mark your calendars for September 6, 2023, when Starfield will make its highly anticipated debut on PC and Xbox Series X/S. The wait is almost over, and fans are eagerly counting down the days to explore the vast depths of this extraordinary sci-fi universe.

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