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Starfield Gets Imagine Dragons Song

by Mata Hari

Starfield, the highly anticipated game by Bethesda, has joined forces with the band Imagine Dragons to release their latest single, titled “Children of the Sky.” However, given Imagine Dragons’ track record, the general consensus on the song seems to lean heavily towards criticism, with many expressing sentiments along the lines of “this song is pure rubbish.”

Highlighted as the “THEGAMER VIDEO OF THE DAY,” the reactions have been swift and rather negative. One disgruntled commenter, @Schilling_Spree, declared, “Cancelling my pre-order” upon hearing the song. Another potential buyer, @databasemanimal, remarked, “Thanks for the warning. I almost bought Starfield. The game looks amazing, but that song is so bad.” @DeadBryam chimed in, stating, “No god no,” while @Knate98 simply said, “The game looks amazing, but that song is so bad.”

The announcement was made across Starfield’s and Bethesda’s social media platforms, with Bethesda expressing their appreciation, “We’re honoured that Imagine Dragons took inspiration from Starfield for their new single, Children of the Sky.” However, the term “inspiration” here appears to refer to financial gains and a marketing partnership, which drew attention alongside a compilation video showcasing the diverse planets within the game. But instead of positive reactions, the comments section quickly filled with reaction GIFs and individuals poking fun at Imagine Dragons. They seemed to be hailed as the contemporary equivalent of Nickelback – a widely critiqued band.

To better understand the animosity towards Imagine Dragons, let’s delve into responses from a question posed on the Music subreddit two years ago. One user, PattyIce32, described their music as “Formulaic garbage,” emphasizing the soullessness and homogeneity of their songs. Another Redditor, PixelLumi, attributed the disdain to their ubiquitous presence, pointing out that their most popular track, “Thunder,” is ironically one of their simplest songs. This overexposure and lack of depth led them to be one of the most scorned bands in the industry.

Hence, it’s no surprise that any mention of Imagine Dragons typically triggers groans and comments expressing sentiments like “This is terrible!” It’s a recurring pattern. Undoubtedly, another band will assume the role of being passably “alright” in the next decade. For now, threads of disapproval on Starfield’s social media platforms serve as a testament to this sentiment. @SpectreSaunders encapsulated it by stating, “I’m really looking forward to the game, but… Imagine Dragons? Seriously? This is the first Starfield L I’ve encountered.”

Some commenters found humor in the situation. @MischiefsYT quipped, “This goes so hard on mute.” @Skarrow9 humorously lamented, “Bro, you can’t even escape Imagine Dragons if you go to space.” @argkitsune added, “It’s truly remarkable how they manage to recreate the same song repeatedly.”

This isn’t the first instance of Imagine Dragons collaborating closely with a video game project. They previously released a song titled “Enemy” alongside JID for the League of Legends Netflix series, Arcane. @Mandarino__ pondered, “Are Imagine Dragons now exclusively crafting promotional music for games?”

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