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Square Enix Ltd POWERWASH SIMULATOR Fun Trailer is Here!

by ZeeshanN

FuturLab is the developer of the most satisfying video game which will about to release, Powerwash Simulator.  Square Enix Collective announced that Square Enix Ltd is now publishing the game which is released on Steam Early Access last month. This will give FuturLab a lot more creative play as they proceed to develop the game before its full launch in the future. Sharing his excitement, Phil Elliott of Square Enix Collective said:

I knew as soon as I first played a pre-release build of the game, that POWERWASH SIMULATOR would become an incredibly satisfying and addictive – yet oddly soothing – experience!. We can’t wait to see what people think of the game and look forward to supporting an ever-expanding experience in the years ahead.

James Marsden, the Founder and Creative Director of Powerwash Simulator said:

Our original vision for POWERWASH SIMULATOR was to expand the game in ways that would appeal to a large audience, with the potential of licensed content. Square Enix Collective is the perfect publishing choice as we share a united vision regarding the future of the game.” Marsden further noted that “the creative opportunities that this collaboration opens up for us is incredible, and we’re delighted to be working with such a renowned publisher.

Official description of Powerwash Simulator:

In POWERWASH SIMULATOR’s Steam Early Access, players can build their own power washing business as they complete a variety of dirty jobs across the dusty town of ‘Muckingham’. There are currently 17 jobs in career mode as well as one ‘Special Job’ where players can rove around Mars!

Check out the fun little trailer below:

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