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SPLITGATE Open Beta Is Now Set To Stay Open Thanks To Huge Player Base

by Mata Hari

The team at 1047 Games has made a strong decision about their free-to-play arena shooter game Splitgate. While the open beta was planned to be temporary, they have concluded that it will continue to be open and available to players on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation for a long while! After gaining traction of 10 million downloads in the first month from the launch of the open beta and jumping for 4,000 to 175,000 concurrent players, they’ve changed their focus into the game’s future.

Now that they have developed and enhanced the servers, which reduced player queue times to usually under 10 minutes, they have turned their focus onto the details of the game. Updates to the game’s backend framework are being released daily as well as regular small upgrades and bug fixes. The studio has many content updates for fans thought through the rest of this year. There are even plans set for a significant announcement to be announced during Gamescom 2021!

Check out the announcement trailer and gameplay trailer in this update announcement. Both were released in June when the open beta began.

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