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SOURCE OF MADNESS Krampus And Cold Air Update

by ZeeshanN

Source of Madness, has received the Krampus and Cold Air update! Carry Castle and Thunderful are saying new things will be released in this new update.

The update adds a huge eldritch horror in the form of Krampus, the old high priest of the goat people that has awoken and now blocks the path to the old age altar of the Icemancers. If you can defeat this evil goat boss, you’ll be awarded access to the Icemancer class. This new class gives you an air-dash that allows you to glide atop a transmuted path of ice. This new skill can be used as a weapon as well!

The new Krampus and Cold Air update also enables you to take on the new role of an Acolyte! In addition, there are other changes such as tweaks to the Pyromancer class, with Pyromancers now coming with a timed explosive on their dash, setting enemies on fire!

Check out the trailer below:

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