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Sony Has Revealed The PS5 Game Cases

by ZeeshanN
PS5 Game Cases

Sony has revealed the PS5 cases and how they will look like for upcoming physical releases. At first, my reaction was pretty neutral, to be honest. The blue case keeps with Sony’s trend of publishing games in blue cases that started with the release of the PSVita and continued through the whole PS4 generation. Even late gen PS3 games traded to a blue label on the top and spine to adapt to this new standard while still shipping in standard Blu-ray cases.

The most significant departure for the PS5 case comes from the new white branding. I like how it looks at the top of the case but to be honest that looks like older Xbox 360 game cases. The problem I currently have with it is that it is very bland and somewhat boring, it should flared up with modern gaming and times. Again, look to the Xbox 360 game cases to see how detailed rings can dramatically liven up! I don’t mind the contrast of the blue and white. I think it looks just ok and with the PS5 color scheme being almost white it makes sense to keep to both themes. Blue is PlayStation and PS5 is White, its ok.

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