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Some PS Plus Subscribers Are Canceling Their Subscriptions

by William Linden
PS Plus

In a surprising turn of events, a significant portion of the PlayStation Plus subscriber base has opted to terminate their memberships in the wake of Sony’s announcement of a substantial price hike across all three subscription tiers. PlayStation Plus, known for its array of enticing benefits and exclusive bonuses, offers users a choice among three tiers. These tiers, namely Essential, Extra, and Premium, cater to diverse gaming needs, with Extra and Premium tiers in particular providing access to an impressive library of hundreds of games at no additional cost.

The bombshell came when Sony confirmed a price increase for PlayStation Plus, scheduled to take effect starting September 6. The one-year subscription to the Essential tier, previously priced at $59.99 USD, would now set gamers back by $79.99 USD. Meanwhile, the Extra and Premium tiers would bear even steeper price tags of $134.99 USD and $159.99 USD, respectively. This announcement sent shockwaves through the gaming community, sparking a wave of discontent and prompting many loyal fans to reconsider their PS Plus subscriptions.

One Reddit user, going by the handle Certified_human1, took it upon themselves to demystify the process of canceling a PS Plus subscription through a comprehensive post. Canceling, they explained, is a relatively straightforward process. Gamers are required to navigate to the Account Management option tucked within the Settings menu on their consoles and then follow the provided steps. This post surfaced almost immediately after Sony’s price increase announcement, and it swiftly garnered attention as others sought to voice their grievances by joining the exodus from PS Plus.

In the comments section of this post, a chorus of users echoed their decision to part ways with their PlayStation Plus memberships in protest of the price hike. Many confessed that they rarely, if ever, took advantage of the PS Plus features, asserting that their gaming preferences primarily gravitated towards single-player titles. Several discussions revolved around the idea of returning to solitary gaming pursuits, sidelining the multiplayer titles that now seemed unjustly locked behind a subscription fee.

One member of the community lamented their desire to downgrade to the Essential tier, as they already possessed a substantial backlog of games awaiting their attention. However, they reluctantly conceded that they would instead cancel their subscription altogether in response to the steep price increase. Notably, the PlayStation Store frequently hosts sales on games and DLC, a fact not lost on some fans who opted to purchase the titles they wished to play without the ongoing burden of a subscription.

For those still holding out hope, it’s worth noting that PS Plus subscriptions do occasionally go on sale during events such as Black Friday and the Days of Play sale in June. Consequently, some players have speculated that these subscriptions might revert to their prior price points when the next sale event rolls around. Collectively, the sentiment among gamers appears to be that the price hike lacks justification, with a few individuals daring to dream that this decision could be reversed if a sufficient number of fans take a stand by canceling their subscriptions.

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