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by ZeeshanN

Incorporating elements of twin-stick shooters and tower defense gaming, Slaycation Paradise has a new demo that is available on Steam. Developed by Affordable Acquisition and published by Merge Games, Slaycation Paradise breathes new air into classic vacations by opening doors for gamers to live out their most violent fantasies. While the game offers cool things such as relaxing at the casino, there are a ton of options for you to slay hordes of enemies in different modes.

Currently available in the demo are two maps, New Amsterdam, and Metro Mexicano. Both maps feature the two game modes that are currently available: a campaign mode, currently featuring the first three narrative missions, or the “Gimme Some Action” mode, which allows you to jump straight into the chaos with powerful weapons and perks. The latter mode will also introduce characters to a companion system that will allow you to unlock a new character to fight monsters alongside you.

The game does feature twin-stick shooter and tower defense elements and seeks to balance both while giving players the freedom to play as they see fit. Each player is gifted the Construction Assembly Turret, or C.A.T. kit for short, which provides custom defense structures wherever you like, enabling you to stay alive against the zombie hordes. The game will also feature prizes for playing in the type of new weaponry, ranging from tried-and-true weapons such as the flamethrower and an amazing cat-launcher.

The demo is available now via Steam, and will be coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Playstation 5 as well in the future.

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