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SKULL ISLAND: RISE OF KONG Will Release Later This Year

by William Linden

IguanaBee Studios, in collaboration with GameMill Entertainment, has embarked on an exciting venture to bring forth an exhilarating action-adventure game titled “Skull Island: Rise of Kong.” Drawing inspiration from the captivating narrative crafted by Joe DeVito and based on the legendary King Kong by Merien C. Cooper, this game invites players to step into the colossal shoes of Kong himself on an epic journey of vengeance, as he strives to claim his rightful place as the undisputed King of Skull Island.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a gripping tale of retribution, as you take on the formidable quest to avenge the tragic demise of Kong’s parents at the merciless claws of the ultimate alpha predator, the saurian terror known as Gaw. Engage in heart-pounding combat and unleash the full fury of Kong through devastating combos, as you confront and dominate Gaw’s relentless minions. Conquer wave after wave of primal beasts, confront unique and challenging bosses, and rise above all obstacles that dare stand in Kong’s path to ascend the throne!

Venture forth into the enigmatic Mythos of Skull Island, where every step brings you face to face with diverse landscapes, from rugged mountainous terrains and dense jungles to murky swamps and skullite-filled caves. As you journey deeper into the island’s heart, you will uncover valuable collectibles while exploring treacherous new regions. Unravel the island’s secrets and bear witness to the latent power coursing through its mighty flora and fauna.

Excitement surrounds the game’s impending release, with pre-orders now available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Players can secure their copies at major retailers, eagerly anticipating the enthralling experience that awaits them. For PC enthusiasts, the game will also be available on Steam later in the year, broadening the horizon for Kong’s epic saga. Moreover, a deluxe edition of the game, known as the “Colossal Edition,” promises an even more immersive experience and will be open for pre-order soon, adding to the anticipation and thrill surrounding “Skull Island: Rise of Kong.”

Embark on this epic adventure, and become the mighty Kong in a quest for vengeance, honor, and the claim to the throne of Skull Island. Brace yourself for action-packed battles, heart-stopping encounters, and a journey through a world where ancient mysteries and untold power await your discovery. It’s time to rise and roar as the true King of Skull Island!

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