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Skull and Bones Pirate Gameplay Revealed, Release Date Announced Finally!

by William Linden
Skull and Bones

UBISOFT has released more information about its new upcoming Skull and Bones pirate game which Ubisoft has confirmed will be officially coming out on November 8, 2022. Check out the gameplay teaser below during which Senior Game Director Ryan Barnard explains more about what you can expect from the combat, progression, and game mechanics of the new pirate game.

“When it launches on November 8, Skull and Bones will let players explore a massive open world inspired by the Indian Ocean during the Golden Age of Piracy, where riches and notoriety are theirs for the taking. Players can make a name for themselves while battling for survival against armed pirate hunters, greedy corporations, rival factions, wild animals, deadly storms, and a cutthroat crew who won’t hesitate to mutiny if they aren’t well-fed. But some of Skull and Bones’ deadliest threats – and richest rewards – are found on land.”

“Skull and Bones’ Indian Ocean is dotted with coastal settlements; some, like Outposts, let players dock, do business with the locals, and maybe hunt for treasure. Larger settlements, on the other hand, are rich opportunities for plunder, although this carries significant risks: settlements are protected by powerful defensive towers and can summon reinforcement ships to attack you while you bombard them.

(Attacking will also temporarily anger the faction that owns that settlement, so you’ll have to wait until the heat dies down or pay a fixer to smooth things over if you want to do business with them again.) But the biggest risks carry the greatest rewards, and successfully plundering a port can deliver a lot of valuable goods to your cargo hold – as well as significantly boost your Infamy, which gives you access to better weapons, ships, crafting blueprints, and other resources.”

“Plundering settlements is something you should only attempt if you’ve already made some Infamy progress; you can’t do it with your starting Dhow vessel and a spear, for example. In fact, it’s a good idea to have unlocked a few different ships out of the 12 available at launch – and to enlist the help of other players who’ve done the same.

Teaming up with others allows you to vary your approach significantly; with three players, for example, you could use a speedy navigation ship, like the Brigantine, to draw fire and outmaneuver the enemy’s cannons, while a heavier firepower ship like the Brig unloads bombards, mortars, Greek fire, and other devastating weaponry at the defenders. For good measure, a third player could bring up the rear in a cargo ship, which would make for a slower getaway, but ensure you can collect a larger share of the abundant loot (just be sure you trust them not to run away with it).”

Source: Ubisoft

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