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Silent Hill: Ascension premieres on Halloween

The interactive choose-your-own-adventure series will start at 9PM ET on the 31st, with new scenes being released daily for six months.

by William Linden
Silent Hill Ascension

“Silent Hill: Ascension, the highly anticipated interactive streaming series set in the eerie universe of the classic horror games, is gearing up for its ‘world premiere’ on October 31st at 9 PM ET, according to Jacob Navok, the game’s executive producer and CEO of developer Genvid. This date is already marked on the calendars of horror enthusiasts, promising a Halloween night filled with chilling experiences.

For those eager to immerse themselves in this unique narrative, there are multiple avenues of entry. Viewers can actively participate through Ascension’s dedicated iOS and Android apps, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of devices. Additionally, the series can be experienced by visiting Ascension.com, granting flexibility to those who prefer web-based engagement.

However, it’s crucial to clarify that Silent Hill: Ascension is not a conventional game in the traditional sense. Navok emphasizes this point by stating, ‘I use the phrase ‘world premiere’ intentionally because Silent Hill: Ascension is not a game. It is a streaming series where you, the audience, participate live to determine what happens. You, along with the rest of the community, will wield the power to shape the fate of its characters.’

Despite its non-traditional format, Ascension promises to maintain the distinct visual style of video games, ensuring that fans of the Silent Hill franchise feel right at home in its dark and mysterious world.

The core of the interactive experience includes elements like quick-time events where the audience’s collective performance directly impacts the characters. If a significant portion of the viewers fail a challenge, the character’s fate hangs in the balance. Moreover, players can expect to encounter intricate puzzles that will test their problem-solving skills.

In terms of content delivery, Genvid Technologies plans to release new material on a daily basis, steadily progressing the overarching story. This approach will keep the narrative fresh and the challenges engaging. These daily interactions will then be woven into weekly episodes that consolidate the community’s influence on Silent Hill: Ascension, creating a unique collaborative storytelling experience.

Genvid Technologies, known for its collaborations with industry giants like Konami and Bad Robot Games, has ambitious plans for Silent Hill: Ascension, with the series set to run for an impressive six months. This extended timeframe offers participants a prolonged and deeply immersive journey into the spine-tingling world of Silent Hill.”

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