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Season 7 of Rick and Morty: A Controversy Among Fans Over New Voices

Rick and Morty fans are sharing their reactions to the Season 7 trailer revealing the new voices for the titular duo.

by ZeeshanN
Rick and Morty

The release of the Season 7 trailer for “Rick and Morty” has brought forth a range of reactions from fans, particularly in response to the new voices for the show’s iconic titular characters. This change stems from the earlier announcement that co-creator Justin Roiland, who had originally voiced both Rick and Morty, had been let go amid allegations of domestic violence. While the charges against him were eventually dropped, Adult Swim stood by their decision, possibly due to other allegations that surfaced.

For some fans, the alteration of the beloved character voices has proven to be disconcerting. One fan expressed their dismay, saying, “I really wish Justin Roiland wasn’t such a POS because these new voices don’t feel right at all.” They went on to explain that these voices had become iconic and irreplaceable. Another fan echoed this sentiment, suggesting that maybe the show should have been canceled or that Roiland should have been rehired.

However, not all fans are equally bothered by the change. Some have noted that the new voices are not significantly different, with one fan commenting, “The new voices for RICK & MORTY aren’t that bad. You can barely tell the difference.” Others have mentioned that the new voices feel similar to previous seasons. There are even fans who have embraced the new voices to the extent that they had nearly forgotten about the recasting.

It’s worth noting that the producers of “Rick and Morty” have intentionally kept the identities of the new voice actors a secret. This approach was chosen to ensure a seamless transition and to prevent the casting changes from overshadowing the new episodes themselves. So far, the series seems to have a significant number of fans who are accepting of the new voices, indicating that the recasting hasn’t spelled doom for the show.

In contrast to “Rick and Morty,” another animated series featuring Roiland’s voice, “Solar Opposites,” took a different approach to handle the replacement of Roiland with British actor Dan Stevens. In that case, the show offered a sci-fi explanation for the voice change before swiftly moving forward with the new voice.

“Rick and Morty” is set to premiere its seventh season on October 15, and it’s clear that fans have varying opinions on the new voices, as demonstrated by their reactions to the trailer.

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