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SCUF Controller Thumbstick Grips

by William Linden
SCUF Controller Thumbstick Grips

“The new thumbsticks give any gamer the SCUF thumbstick experience of added performance and increased grip, regardless of the type of controller they use. SCUF’s Universal Thumbstick Grips will take almost any existing controller to a higher level, giving gamers the feel of precision, accuracy, and movements of a SCUF thumbstick, on their existing controller.”

Tactic replicates the shapes found on SCUF controller thumbsticks which have provided professional and competitive gamers around the world additional performance, comfort, and grip for many years. Tactic comes in 2 styles (concave and domed) 3 colors (black, red, and blue), and 2 lengths (short and tall). Light Gray Universal Thumbstick Grips will also be available in early 2023.

Catalyst is inspired by previous controller designs to give customers a taste of the controllers of the past. It has a concave design that allows your fingers to rest comfortably in the indent of the thumbstick and extra grip on the sides of the indent, so fingers don’t slip from where you want them.

Pulse offers the SCUF take on a classic thumbstick style. It has a semi-domed design that means fingers rest within the indent of the thumbstick or on the edge where added grip keeps your fingers on the thumbstick.

“The launch of our Universal Thumbstick Grips is a reflection of our commitment to giving all gamers the ability to experience the SCUF advantage,” said Diego Nunez, Vice President of Gaming Marketing at CORSAIR. “With this new offering, you can gain a functional advantage in movement and gameplay by simply upgrading your existing controller.”

Source: SCUF

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