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Rocket League Sideswipe Will Be Available on iOS and Android

by ZeeshanN
Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket League is coming to iOS and Android. In fact, Psyonix is creating Rocket League Sideswipe from the ground up for mobile phones. You will be able to play in solo games or with a friend for two vs. two matches, which last two minutes each. It looks great!

You’ll need to know that the perspective is switching to a 2D, side-on view though. And that Rocket League Sideswipe has touch controls that Psyonix says are easy to learn to use. There will also be excellent control mechanics for newbie car soccer pros to discover as well.

It will be just like the original game, there will be a ranking system for competitive modes and you will have a lot of car customization options.

Psyonix is going to release the free-to-play Rocket League Sideswipe later this year, though we don’t have an exact date yet. Players in Australia and New Zealand can get an early hands-on starting today via an Android regional alpha test.

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