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Robot Sets Up Super Mario Bros. Mural Made Out of 102K Dominos

by ZeeshanN

Retired NASA engineer Mark Rober in collaboration with Alex Baucom, planned and built the “Dominator”, an ingenious robot that is able to set up 300 dominoes at a single time. Even the amazingly talented “Domino Queen” Lily Hevesh was unable to keep up with the speed of the Dominator, which kept going even after Hevesh left. In fact, the Dominator was able to put a vivid Super Mario Bros. mural made up of an unbelievable 102,600 dominoes in a little over 24 hours, setting a Guinness World Record. According to Rober, this unbelievable robot was 5 years in the making.

Happy to finally release this one after 5 years of development …

The Dominator had undergone many different transformations over the past five years.

The Domino Robot did not just magically appear into existence one day fully functional. It took over two years of design, testing, failure, and iteration to get to the final result.


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