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Restoring The Broken And Yellowed Nintendo SNES

by ZeeshanN
Yellowed Nintendo SNES

In this post, you will see how to restore a yellow Super Nintendo in the most simple way. The video below will show you how to make your yellowed SNES look almost new again.

Coat the plastic in hydrogen peroxide to fix discoloration. Hydrogen peroxide works well on plastics that have turned entirely yellow instead of in just one spot. Fill a plastic bag with enough hydrogen peroxide to cover the plastic. Stick the plastic in the bag of hydrogen peroxide and lay it out in direct sunlight. Wait 3-4 hours before rinsing it off with clean water.

You can buy hydrogen peroxide at a drugstore or big box store.

If you’re going to treat some sort of plastic mechanism, make sure you take out all the parts that aren’t plastic before placing them into the hydrogen peroxide.

You can also use a used toothbrush to scrub the hydrogen peroxide onto the plastic if wanted.

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