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Restoration Game WORKSHOP SIMULATOR Trailer And Release Date Revealed

by ZeeshanN

If you are into restoring discarded vintage items, such as toys, furniture, tools, and so on then Polish indie developers Intermarum will let you do just that with their new game Workshop Simulator! You will be cutting, sanding, polishing, painting, and assembling items with true-to-life detail and technical skill. With this game, you can actually learn a lot of things about restoring things in real life.

It includes a nostalgic story with lessons in patience and generosity across generations. You start your journey with a humble request from your grandmother, taking you to an abandoned workshop and a nostalgic trip as you explore your family’s history through gems passed down through generations.

You won’t be just restoring, but you can also show off your creativeness by building your own unique items, using authentic tools and professional equipment you will unlock as you progress in the game. All are re-created in brilliant visual detail based on the real tools.

“There’s something about restoring items and toys which taps into a sense of nostalgia, creativity, and, warmth,” said Marcin Książek, Creative and Art Director at Intermarum. “This, in turn, breathes new life into items which may have otherwise been discarded. It’s a hard thing to capture in a videogame, but we feel we’ve got pretty close with Workshop Simulator and we hope that players will love what we have created for them and enjoy tinkering and restoring items so that they shine.”

You’ll be able to sell your finished products, which will get you better tools and more vintage items to repair for an even greater profit. Workshop Simulator will be released on PC via Steam, Xbox, and Playstation on March 10th.

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