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Ready For The New iPad Mini 7 in 2024?

by ZeeshanN
New iPad Mini 7

The last iPad Mini was released back in 2021 and now it looks like a new one is coming in 2024.

Apple was expected to release a new iPad Mini before the end of 2023, but according to a report, the new iPad is not expected to come out until 2024.

The news comes from Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who has revealed that Apple is planning to launch their next generation iPad Mini in early 2024.

Ming-Chi Kuo also revealed recently that Apple is also working on a new folding iPad and this device will also be launching in 2024. Apple is not expected to release any new iPads before the end of 2023.

The iPad Mini 6, which is the current model comes with the Apple A15 Bionic processor and it features an 8.3-inch display. We are not expecting the size of the device to change much on the next model, although we may see an updated design.

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