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Razer Reveals Huntsman V2 Analog Gaming Keyboard

by ZeeshanN
Huntsman V2 Analog Gaming Keyboard

Razer revealed Huntsman V2 Analog gaming keyboard. Which you can buy for $249.99 from retailers and Razer.com, the Huntsman V2 Analog comes with plenty of new features such as adjustable actuation, so you can program each key to have actuation at either 1.5mm or 3.6mm. In addition, Dual-step actuation enables you to program a keystroke for two programmed functions at different actuation points. This opens up a lot of opportunities for faster gameplay. The core of the Huntsman V2 Analog is the Razer Analog Optical Switches that use light to measure how far down each key is pressed and eliminates the possibility of physical contacts deteriorating over time. The keyboard also uses double shot PBT keycaps after getting community feedback and a single braided cable with a second cable providing for USB 3.0 passthrough if you want it. The cable connects via USB Type-C but does come with an adapter for Type-A connections as required. Of course, the keyboard also allows support for Razer Chroma and customized lighting.

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