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PROTODROID DELTA New Trailer Revealed Gameplay Features

by William Linden

Humble Games has released a new trailer for their upcoming 3D action-platformer title Protodroid DeLTA. The trailer is called “Tools of the Trade”  all while featuring weapons and mechanics that players will be able to employ.

Set in the solarpunk world of Radia, players will be challenged to prove the potential of AI as Protodroid DeLTA. On this journey, they will learn the stories behind a diverse cast of larger-than-life Vyper Masters, rival roboticists, and other Protodroids who operate by a different code. They even have full control over when to take on the Vypers as players can pick from distinctive stages, fight personality-filled bosses on their home turf, and claim their unique weapons in any order.

Protodroid DeLTA is set to release in Early 2023 on PC via Steam.

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