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Pre-Orders Starts For FORTNITE: BEST OF THE LOBBY Vinyl LP

by William Linden

Fortnite, the behemoth of the gaming industry, has solidified its place as one of the largest and most influential games in history, boasting a diverse range of gameplay styles that cater to millions of players worldwide. This sensational creation by Epic Games has cultivated a dedicated and thriving player base, creating a unique journey for gamers to embark upon.

Recognizing the fervent passion of Fortnite enthusiasts and acknowledging the integral role music plays in enhancing the gaming experience, Epic Games has joined forces with iam8bit to unveil an exclusive vinyl LP entitled “Fortnite: Best of the Lobby.” This exciting release comprises a treasure trove of 18 tracks on a single LP, ingeniously pressed on eye-catching Peely Yellow vinyl, while showcasing all-new original artwork by the immensely talented illustrator, Jim Mahfood. The artwork features a vivid depiction of iconic Outfits like Peely, Power Chord, Skull Trooper, The Brat, and Tomatohead, adding an extra layer of artistic allure to this already captivating musical collection.

The eclectic tracklist takes listeners on a musical adventure through Fortnite’s distinctive universe, encompassing everything from cozy holiday melodies to spine-tingling spooky jams. Each track is thoughtfully curated from the game’s first two Chapters, tapping into the nostalgia and fond memories that players have cherished throughout their gaming endeavors.

Among the captivating tunes featured on the LP are some of Fortnite’s most cherished musical offerings, including the infectious “Solid Groove,” the energetic “Billy Bounce,” and the epic and inspiring “War’s Horizon.” Additionally, fans can immerse themselves in the majestic “Might,” the jubilant “Festive,” and the power-packed “Mecha Power.” Every song on the LP has been meticulously crafted to evoke emotions, taking players back to their most memorable moments within the game.

Embracing the spirit of celebration, Fortnite: Best of the Lobby also presents extended audio versions of popular Emotes, igniting the urge to dance and groove like never before. Emotes like the mesmerizing “Windmill Floss,” the eerie “Eerie,” the electrifying “Switch Up,” and the adrenaline-pumping “Overdrive” are just a few examples that will keep listeners swaying to the beat.

Incorporating an array of timeless melodies and infectious rhythms, the LP showcases the dance-worthy “Disco,” the funky “Get Funky,” and the classic “Running Man.” Furthermore, the instrumental version of “Mecha Power” provides a captivating soundscape, allowing fans to savor the music’s essence without vocals.

Fortnite enthusiasts can hardly contain their excitement as they eagerly anticipate the arrival of this one-of-a-kind vinyl LP, which is now available for pre-order at the affordable price of $31.99. The LP is scheduled to ship in October 2023, promising to add a new dimension to the Fortnite experience for fans and music aficionados alike.

As an enticing bonus, each vinyl copy will come with a redeemable code for a coveted Virtual Item called the “Shuffly Shapes Wrap,” further enriching the players’ in-game adventures and celebrating their love for Fortnite in every virtual battlefield.

Fortnite: Best of the Lobby is destined to be a game-changer, leaving an indelible mark on gaming culture by blending the power of music and the allure of an ever-evolving gaming universe. With this mesmerizing compilation, Epic Games and iam8bit have given fans an extraordinary opportunity to embrace the very soul of Fortnite and relish in the unforgettable melodies that have defined the game’s legacy. It’s time to equip your dance moves, don your favorite outfit, and embark on an audiovisual journey that transcends the boundaries of the gaming world, all thanks to the musical magic of Fortnite: Best of the Lobby.

Here’s the full list of tracks:


  1. Solid Groove

  2. Billy Bounce

  3. War’s Horizon

  4. Might

  5. Festive

  6. Mecha Power

  7. Afterburner

  8. Default Vibe


  1. Frosty Serenade

  2. Windmill Floss

  3. Eerie

  4. Switch Up

  5. Overdrive

  6. Wild

  7. Disco

  8. Get Funky

  9. Running Man

  10. Mecha Power (Instrumental)

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