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PlayStation Pulse Elite Wireless Headset For PS5 Released

by William Linden
Pulse 3D Headset

The Pulse 3D Headset caused a sensation upon its debut for the PS5, captivating gamers with its sophisticated black and white aesthetic, immersive 3D Audio support, and plush earcups engineered for marathon gaming sessions. Seamlessly complementing the cutting-edge PS5 console, it quickly became a must-have accessory for enthusiasts. Now, stepping into the present, the realm of gaming audio welcomes the arrival of its much-anticipated successor: the Pulse Elite Wireless Headset. Emerging triumphantly onto store shelves following the recent launch of the Pulse Explore Wireless Earbuds, the Pulse Elite elevates every aspect that made its predecessor beloved to new heights of excellence.

Presenting the PlayStation Pulse Elite Wireless Headset, priced at $150, this marvel of gaming audio technology was initially conceived with the PlayStation Portal Remote Play handheld in mind. However, its wireless compatibility extends seamlessly to the PS5 and PC, facilitated by the inclusion of the PlayStation Link adapter.

One of its standout features is its remarkable battery life, boasting an impressive runtime of up to 30 hours on a single charge—more than doubling the endurance of the esteemed Pulse 3D. Furthermore, it incorporates a retractable boom microphone, intuitive onboard volume and mute controls, and premium planar magnetic drivers, ensuring an unparalleled auditory experience that resonates with thunderous clarity.

Available for purchase on Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart, the Pulse Elite also introduces AI-enhanced noise rejection technology, enhancing communication clarity during intense gaming sessions. To complement its prowess, the headset comes bundled with a convenient charging hanger, providing a secure resting place when not in use. Beyond its primary compatibility with the PS5, it seamlessly integrates with PC, Mac, and PlayStation Portal, ensuring versatility across various platforms.

For those inclined towards Amazon, it’s worth noting that delivery estimates are currently ranging between March 6-13, indicating substantial demand. To secure your unit promptly, it’s advisable to place your order soon, as shipping dates may continue to extend or stock may deplete rapidly. The precedent set by the Pulse Explore earbuds, which experienced multiple sellouts since their debut last November, serves as a testament to the fervor surrounding Sony’s audio offerings.

In addition to Amazon, the Pulse Elite is available for purchase at leading retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and GameStop, catering to a diverse array of preferences and shopping habits.

While priced at $200, the Pulse Explore earbuds offer a portable alternative to the Elite headset, blending many of its premium features into a compact form factor. At Walmart, savvy shoppers can currently enjoy a $10 discount on the Pulse Explore earbuds, further enhancing their appeal. Similarly, the Sony Inzone Buds, priced at $198, present a sleek, minimalist design coupled with compelling audio performance, catering to those seeking a stylish audio solution.

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