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PlayStation Exclusive ‘Sifu’ Coming To Xbox In March 2023

by William Linden

Here is one more game you can add to the list of new Xbox releases early next year, as the former PlayStation 5 console exclusive Sifu has been revealed as coming to the Xbox in March 2023.

Sifu is a third-person brawler focused on Kung Fu fighting and “cinematic martial arts action”. The Xbox release will also coincide with a new Arenas mode as revealed in the trailer below.

Sifu first arrived on PlayStation 5 in February 2022, praising it as an incredibly rewarding game that remains “consistently challenging and demanding”.

You can check out more information about Sifu below, along with a few screenshots.

Whether you choose to play as a male or a female character, in Sifu, you will ponder that question on your path for revenge, hunting down your family’s assassins. One against all, you have no allies, countless enemies, and a mysterious amulet to bring you back to life every time you die. Yet, be warned! Your secret weapon comes with a hefty price to pay: aging and its consequences.

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