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Play This Awesome Catch Carp & Coarse Fishing Game Right Now

by ZeeshanN
Catch Carp & Coarse

If you like fishing and want to play fishing while sitting in your armchair and angling it will be happy to know that the simulation fishing game The Catch: Carp & Coarse is now accessible on the Xbox and PC platforms. 

“Take on the hunt of a lifetime as you target and pursue monster-sized fish around the world. You’re set, waiting…. The line tightens, your alarm screams, the fish is on and the battle commences!”

“35 different species of realistically captured fish with their own unique behavior and bait preferences await you. Every tactic and piece of equipment will be needed to catch them all as you go from float fishing for species such as rudd, ide, and bream to using lures for trout, salmon, and pike. You can also fish for rare species such as pacu, Mekong and redtail catfish.


As well as thousands of fish to get your personal bests on all species, there are 125 legendary Boss Fish to hunt including 11 Monster Boss Fish – the hardest fish to catch in the game. These named fish put up a huge fight and only the best will be able to locate and land them all.


Featuring 5 unique destinations that all present their own challenges. Oxlease Lake on the Linear Fisheries complex is a specimen carp water with some great back up species including tench and roach. The River Ebro is home to huge wels catfish and Pearl Lake in Malaysia features exotic monsters such as arapaima and giant wolf fish. Go urban street fishing in Rotterdam city centre or explore the openness of Loch Mickle in Scotland that both contain predators such as pike and zander.”

Source: Steam

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