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Play Half-Life Alyx Without VR

by ZeeshanN
Half-Life Alyx

If you are interested in playing the new Half-Life Alyx VR adventure, without VR immersion and using just a standard mouse and keyboard. May be excited to know that the Half-Life: Alyx non-VR mod is now available to download for free from the projects GitHub page enabling you to play Half-Life: Alyx without VR.

“This method allows to complete the game and try out VR mechanics. Some moments will make sweat, but they are passable in this way.” Watch the video below to learn more about the project, gameplay, and playability without the need for expensive VR headsets and hardware.

“After installing SteamVR and TrueOpenVR, need to go to the SteamVR state window -> Setup room -> Small room -> Calibrate-> 170cm. Also must add launch options.

For Steam, go to the game’s properties, click on the launch options and enter +vr_gg_gesture_pull 0. For a regular shortcut, go to the shortcut properties and add the same “C:\Games\Half-Life Alyx\bin\win64\hlvr.exe” +vr_gg_gesture_pull 0. In the game settings, you need to select “Movement: Smooth” (for smooth walking as in regular games).

Also do not forget to set the resolution (1920×1080) for fullscreen mode. You can see how it is configured in more detail here. Warning! Select the “Headset Window” or press “F7″ for the driver to work.”

Source: Github: PC Gamer

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