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People Can’t Believe Salt Bae’s ‘Nasty’ Food After Video Goes Viral

by William Linden

It’s hard to think just how good a meal would have to be to justify spending nearly £200 for it, but whatever Salt Bae is serving up at his restaurant is definitely not it according to multiple TikTokers.

Watch it here:

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The Knightsbridge restaurant has caused quite a stir – not sprinkle – has become known for its eye-watering prices.

After seeing exactly what’s on offer in the new joint, people are taking to social media in outrage, finding it hard to get their heads around the hefty bills.

In a new TikTok video uploaded by @notorious_foodie, Salt Bae – real name Nusret Gökçe – can be seen preparing a meal at one of his Nusr-et steak restaurants.

Standing at a table of diners, the chef begins by dramatically slicing up a joint of raw steak, before picking up the individual slices and flinging them at a plate adorned by what looks like a large chunk of bamboo.

He then goes on to rip up a baguette and place it on top of the steak before drenching the entire plate in piping-hot melted butter. Of course, the preparation is finished off with his signature Salt Bae sprinkle, with the steak left to marinate and cook in the fat on the plate.

While the person treated to the £180 meal seemed impressed by what they were served up, the internet has a lot to say about Salt Bae’s service.

The TikTok has amassed over 30,000 likes and users have flocked to the comments to weigh in on the £180 meal.

One said: “For people with more money than sense.”

“That meat is so raw I can still hear the cow mooing,” another wrote.

“Whenever I see one of these videos I get secondhand embarrassment for whoever actually went there,” a third person commented.

Other viewers had more or less the same reaction, telling the experience as ‘over-priced,’ ‘nasty,’ a ‘rip-off’ and a ‘waste of good meat.’

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