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Peacock’s YA Animated Fantasy Series SUPERNATURAL ACADEMY First Trailer Released

by ZeeshanN

Check out the first trailer for Peacock’s YA animated fantasy series, Supernatural Academy. It is based on author Jaymin Eve’s bestselling book series, the show is about twin sisters Jessa (Larissa Dias) and Mischa (Gigi Saul Guerro).

Jessa is a confident girl raised in the supernatural world, while Mischa is an offbeat outsider raised in the human world. The twins meet each other for the first time when their mother reunites them and tell to Mischa their supernatural heritage. Mischa then hooks up with Jessa at Supernatural Academy. The Peacock YA animated fantasy series will force the sisters to work as one and trust one another, while also saving the world.

The voice cast includes Vincent Tong as Maximus/Max, a natural leader as proven through his watchful eye on his younger brother Braxton; Cardi Wong as Braxton/Brax, the lovable, goofy and smooth talker of the group; Shannon Chan-Kent as Elda Kristov, the daughter of the Headmaster of the Supernatural Academy and Jessa’s main rival for Queen Bee status; Bethany Brown as Terra, Jessa’s lifelong bestie; Brian Drummond as Headmaster Kristov, who proves himself to be manipulative, villainy, and self-righteous as he plots against the Lebron twins from the moment they are reunited; Barbara Kottmeier as the twins’ mother Lienda Jackson/Lebron; Alessandro Juliani as the twin’s father Jonathon Lebron, head of the World Council and the Alpha Wolf of the Lebron pack; Ali J. Eisner as Jae, a Faerie whose music has the literal charm to soothe savage beasts and create new life; Diana Kaarina as Santra, the new history teacher at Supernatural Academy; and Kathleen Barr as Yufon, a powerful and stern member of the World Council.

The 16-episode first season of the series will be released on Peacock on January 20th.

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