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Nostalgic A500 Mini Amiga Mini Games Console Coming Out in 2022

by Mata Hari
A500 Mini Amiga Mini Games Console

Retro Games has revealed a new gaming console to its range of mini-games consoles announcing the release of its new A500 Mini Amiga in early 2022 which will cost you £120, €130 $140, or AUD$200. The A500 Mini has been motivated by the original Amiga 500 personal computer which was released back in 1987 and is a “homage to the 1980s heyday of 16-bit personal computing“.

The A500 Mini will come with 25 Amiga gaming classics, including Worms, The Chaos Engine, and Simon The Sorceror. Owners will also have the ability to side-load games via a USB stick with full WHDLoad support and a wide variety of options to choose from and the console will feature the capacity to save your progress in games enabling you to tackle those especially tricky parts with the knowledge you can save your progress at any time.

“Developed by Retro Games Ltd. and distributed by Koch Media, the THEA500Mini features the perfect emulation of, not only, the original A500 (OCS) and Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) of future revisions, but also the Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA) of the A1200. The A500 Mini comes with the original style 2-button mouse and newly engineered 8-button precision gamepad, allowing you to choose your control method. To complement the on-screen keyboard, you can plug in an external standard PC keyboard for additional functionality.”

“In this initial mini version of THEA500, we have created what we believe gaming fans will love and will see as the evolution of mini-games consoles”, said Paul Andrews, Managing Director at Retro Games.

“Retro Games have developed a truly unique product”, said Debbie Bestwick MBE, CEO at Team 17, “and I’m very excited to have our classic games represented in all their original glory”.

Source: Retro Games

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